Freasyway Privacy Policy

Use and protection of data

Freasyway guarantees the strict confidentiality of private information sent to us. This information are not disclosed to third parties and are solely used internally by Freasyway. The same, dialog contents exchanged in the Live Meeting and also in the private part of «Freasyway" remain confidential.

In case of serious abuses, Freasyway reserves the right to fill for legal proceedings; the information and contents recorded may also be used as legal evidence. Freasyway strives to provide the utmost privacy of personal information and to the personal sphere. This "Privacy Policy" governs management proceses and personal data processing that are published and posted on our website.

Accessing, you agree with our Privacy Policy.
If you do not agree with this privacy policy, please stop using our website.

The privacy policy is subject to regular updates. Therefore, we invite you to read it regularly. The last line of the privacy policy shows the date of the last change. Freasyway receives information through our different websites, API applications, online store “E-learning” (the "Services") When you use one of our services, you agree with the recovery, transfer, handling, storage, disclosure, use of your information, etc. such as described in this confidentiality policy. Regardless of the country where you live or create your information from you, they may be used by Freasyway in Switzerland and in France or in all other countries where Freasyway is available.

When you access our Website, the following technical data are automatically recorded in our databases:

  • Registration date
  • Date of access to the site
  • IP address of your connection

This technical data alone do not identify the users on the Internet page, regardless of their name and address. Your identity if therefore, protected. Freasyway does not collect any nominative information (last name, first name, address, tel., etc...)

Minors and Security

Security is a subject that very important for us, in particular with respect to children and we encourage parents to explain their children safe practices on the Internet. To learn more, please contact our online support page.

To protect minors, we can implement special controls (such as implementation of restrictions on the capacity of adults to share information and to contact them); such measures may restrict the experience of minors on Freasyway.

Cookies and operation

When using our website, a cookie may be placed on your computer. A cookie is thus a mechanism that creates an association, between the session of the user (Navigation between pages of the same site for a given period) and data that concern them. To improve your navigation, we advise you to accept the cookies and do not delete them. If you block the cookies, you may be restricted from using certain interactive features of our website or another website. Freasyway cookies do not collection information from your computers.

Who can access Freasyway?

You can use Freasyway website without storing personal data; all the contrary, to access the "users" space you may be required to record your email address- this information is entered in our computer systems and we therefore assume you have accepted the terms of use of our agreement.

In this case, we reserve the right to contact you for communications about your "users" space on Freasyway or send you informative e-mails; you can deactivate the reception of these emails from your "users" space or delete your account at any time.


We want to make you aware that submittal of encrypted data by email is not secure, nor appropriate for personal data exchange or other confidential information. If you send personal information by email without taking appropriate protection measures, you must be aware of the fact that non-authorized third parties may access this information and therefore collect, use, even falsify this information without your consent. Otherwise, personal information sent by emails may in some cases be sent abroad, even though the user and recipient are located in Switzerland. You should therefore consider that your personal data may also be transferable in a country whose protection level of data is lower than those enforceable in Switzerland. If you contact use despite all through a non-encrypted email, we implicitly assume that you want to establish this type of communication with us. In this case, you agree that we can also agree to respond or sent the information requested through a non-encrypted email.

Data security

Within our company, personal data is sent and recorded only in a protected environment. We take all appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the protection of your information against loss, destruction, falsification, alteration, copies and access non authorized or other illegal data processing. Our computer systems and our networks are protected by firewalls and various security technologies. Our servers are located in premises and buildings monitored and secure by rigorous controls preventing the access of non authorized individuals.


Our website may contain links to various third-parties websites that are not operated and monitored by us. These websites are not subject to our Privacy policy and our controls. Therefore, we are not responsible for their content or use of personal information and accept no liability in this respect.

Intellectual Property

1. The presentation and each one of elements, including trademarks, logos and domain names, appearing on the Service hosting site, are protected by the laws in force applicable to the intellectual property and belong to Freasyway or are subject to an authorization of use.
2. No elements composing the said site may be copied, reproduced, changed, re-edited, denatured, sent or disclosed in any manner whatsoever, on any support whatsoever, partially or fully, without prior written approval from H- Technologies SA.
3. The use of Freasyway trademark as part of events organization, evenings or any other context is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from H- Technologies SA.

Prior consent

Using our website, you accept the terms and data processing specified in this Privacy Policy. You authorize us to process and use the information you share with us on our website for purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy.

Request for information/ contact

If you have other questions concerning the processing of your personal information by Freasyway of if you request information from us, authorization or deletion, please send us an

Free Easy Way
c/o H-Technologies SA
Chemin de Beau-Val 22
CH-1012 Lausanne, Switzerland

The last change date to the Privacy Policy has been performed on 14.05.2013.