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Premium Partner

Premium Partner: you sustain us in an active manner through a monthly or yearly financila contribution. You will have the priviledge of being a passive shareholder or active in certain conditions and you will be allowed to attend our board meetings in order to elaborate new development strategies and action plans for Freasyway.

I adhere to the initiative
Gold Partner

Gold Partner: a one time contribution is required and you will attend the board meetings while maintaining the role of an observer, depending the number of Premium Partners. In order to actively attend the board meetings and to share your opinions, you need to upgrade your partner type to Premium. In order to achieve that, please contact one of our administrators.

I adhere to the initiative
Basic Partner

Basic Partner: a win-win partnership, you bring your contribution in several ways: link exachange, post our banners on your website etc.
You belong to the international managers' community in order to make education accessible to everyone; As a basic partner, you cannot attend our meetings nor offer your opinion regarding new strategies and action plans.

I adhere to the initiative