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What are the advantages and your participation ?

Where does your money go?

  • The advertising collected money will contribute financing our evolutions.
  • Create Learning Centers in developing countries.
  • Create scholarship for some young people during their schooling.

You can display your ads on all our partner's networks including our web site You pay only when users click on your ads.

Freasyway offers cost per click or display ads, either on our network or on partners websites. You can use text ads and banners to sell your products and services. Our system is powerful and profit-making. This will make your advertising most efficient.

Cost effective advertising
Advertise with Freasyway is profitable. Freasyway gives you total control over your monthly expenses so that your marketing spendings remain within your budget limit.

Quality of our services :
- Zero tolerance against all kinds of fraud attempts.
- Very concerned about quality of clicks sent to our advertisers.
- Strong fraud detection mechanisms to reverse any fraud on clicks.

Quality content engagement:

Publish quality content and promote your publications with ads to hold your customers and friends attention

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