About us

Quotes: Investing in education is building up peace and progress between people

A worldwide project
The objective of Free Easy Way is to enable schools, universities and freelance teachers to put their lessons on-line with free or paid access « for their students or pupils » or for any other person who would be interested in e-learning.

« Modernising teaching together and building up a better world »
An innovating solution, which matches with face-to-face teaching.

General education objectives

  • To improve the quality and performance of education and training on-line systems in Europe, the United States of America, as well as Canada, South America, Asia and Africa;
  • To make sure that everyone can have access;
  • To open education and training to the outside world through an interactive education network.

In order to achieve our goals, « Innovative Education » focuses on every level and type of education and training so as to make it a lifelong reality. The systems must improve in every aspects integrating Information and Communication Technologies, permanently guiding the education technologies, developing flexible systems to make learning accessible to all, mobility, education in citizenship, etc.

The basic concepts of Free Easy Way
What are the special features of Free Easy Way?

It is an interactive education network (a multitask virtual school with several interfaces) intended to education institutions, freelance teachers, students and anyone interested in undergoing on-line training via our international education network.

Our solution is different from the others in that it offers several sophisticated interfaces between schools and freelance teachers; no specific set up is needed. The website can accept an unlimited number of users.

The platform has been developed to adapt to one-to-one teaching, virtual schools and traditional schools with their full administrative aspects, open/close enrolment functions, admission tests before the enrolment in a training program, etc.

Other advantages
As a mutual consent with other qualified schools, it will be possible to get a certificate at the end of the training program. The schools only will define their rules when subscribing for the course. The platform offers cutting-edge tools in information sharing and interaction between the students, the teachers, and the schools in order to make learning easier worldwide, as well as interaction between education communities, potential recruiting companies, etc.